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Highatus & Wahoo
Ep.4 & Ep.5

Velvet Prozak's 1ST SZN  finale episodes 4 & 5 is a two part mini-series, Highatus & Wahoo. 

Barth and Stoner B crash land in a lake of Backus University, Minnesota where they raise the stakes of a stolen beer run (Wahoo) to have an epic party weekend at a fraternity, but the University Dean has other plans, so Barth decides to help the fraternity with an even bigger party.

CAST, Saige Walker, Matthew Rogers Harrison, Gary Sievers, Jason Boegh, Douglas Dean Taylor

GUEST STARRING, David De Luise, Hank Northrop, Duke Van Patten and many more TBA...

CREATOR, Saige Walker

DIRECTOR, Andy Lauer

DEVELOPMENT WRITERS, Saige Walker & Matthew Rogers Harrison

WRITTEN BY, Saige Walker & Matthew Rogers Harrison

CASTING DIRECTOR, Craig Campobasso C.S.A.


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